Barcode numbers without images

Barcode numbers without images

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  • Standard Barcode Numbers

    INSTANT DELIVERY BY EMAIL of your EAN-13 barcode numbers; a PDF certificate stating that you are the owner of your barcode numbers; and free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    This product is for the barcode numbers only (it does not come with barcode images). Purchase this product if you are able to produce the barcode images yourself, or for whatever reason, don’t require the images.

    Quantity    Price per Barcode
    1 SSP 12,000
    2 SSP 10,000 each
    3 SSP 9,000 each
    4 SSP 9,000 each
    5 + SSP 8,500 each
    10 SSP 8,000 each
    20 SSP 7,800 each
    30 SSP 7,500 each
    40 SSP 7,500 each
    50 SSP 7,000 each
    75 SSP 6,900 each
    100+ SSP 6,800 each
    150 + Please contact us.


    Note – All prices are in South Sudanese Pounds

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